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New Luxury Residential Apartment Renovation Project Managed by Empire Projects, Inc.

For Immediate Release (02/20/09)

A new luxury apartment renovation --- project managed by Empire Projects, Inc. --- has gone into the construction phase.

The condominium apartment is located in the luxury Time Warner tower building on West 58th Street, in Manhattan.

The area of the project is approximately 3,000 sf, and is organized around a dramatic “Great Room” with fabulous views of Central park to the West, and the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge to the North.

The materials and details of the apartment renovation were chosen with care. Materials include marble floors, glass and drywall partitions, and custom millwork.

The design package includes furniture, accessories and artwork.

The project features a wide range of system upgrades, including new HVAC systems, new electrical systems, new humidification system, and new AV and residential system controls package.

Project management of a condominium or coop apartment renovation in Manhattan requires an understanding of what makes a successful residential design, and how that design can be implemented appropriately through the construction process. In an apartment or home renovation, the unit owner is generally very involved in the construction process, and that creates an opportunity for the residential project manager to help guide the apartment or home owner through the process, to make sure they understand how the project is progressing, and to make sure that the project is meeting the client’s budget, schedule and quality expectations. Another factor for the project manager of an apartment renovation, is the interface with the coop or condo building’s ownership and management. This is where the experience of the project manager is particularly relevant, as the construction project manager must not only review and understand the building’s design and construction guidelines, but must make sure that the project design and construction conforms to those guidelines. In addition, the apartment's location in Manhattan requires expertise in the logistics of building in Manhattan, as well as the approval process of the New York City Building Department, and the New York City Fire Department. Empire Projects, Inc. is ideally suited to project manage a coop or condo apartment renovation, due to the fact that the company is owned and operated by licensed professionals with an average of at least 20 years experience. The company president, William N. Bernstein, AIA, is a Yale-trained, registered architect, with over 30 years experience in the project management of high profile, demanding projects, including projects in the residential sector such as apartment buildings, apartments and houses.

For more information about how to project manage the design and construction of a successful coop or condominium apartment in an urban setting such as Manhattan, please contact apartment and residential project management consultants and apartment and residential owner's representatives, Empire Projects, Inc.: 

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